A + E Solar Solutions are suppliers of WaterBank products.

Our WaterBank product is a unique, patented and pressurized spare 200 litre waterbank tank. The WaterBank fills up automatically when the municipal water supply is available, and supplies pressurized water to your household when the municipal supply is interrupted. The WaterBank reserves 200 litres of water. This quantity of water has been calculated to be enough reserve water to provide you relief during short term water shedding. Additional waterbanks may be installed in parallel to provide 400, 600 or 800 litre reserves. These provide you with drinking water, toilet flushing and washing up water.

With South Africa's generally dry climate, drought conditions are semi permanent. Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) itself is facing a serious water supply shortage at the moment. In certain areas, "water shedding" has been implemented. This means that many people find themselves without water for short periods of time, often at inconvenient times of the day. The WaterBank allows you to continue your daily activities as normal, even when the municipal water supply falters. We provide the spare waterbank tank(s) that are housed within your roof and connected to your incoming water supply. Everething within your house or building including the water geyser can then utilize the reserve water that will be supplied by the pressurized waterbank unit(s). Municipal water fills your waterbank, which subsequently supplies water to your geyser and the rest of your house.

The waterbank is made from durable, sunlight resistant steel that can contain water under municipal water pressure conditions. The waterbank units are durable and extendable. In the event that you later require additional waterbank supply units, additional units may be installed.

We can provide you with additional information and/or a quotation.