Heat Pumps

heat pump

A + E Solar Solutions are suppliers of ITS Heat Pumps.

A Heat Pump is a device that uses a relatively small amount of energy to pump a relatively large amount of thermal energy from the environment into a heat sink. The heat sink becomes a source of thermal energy for applications such as water heating. The amount of thermal energy gained from this process is considerably higher than the amount of thermal energy that would normally be derived from direct heating. A heat pump can thus be implemented in water heating systems to reduce the amount of electrical energy required for water heating.

Our ITS heat pump is a practical utilization of this concept that saves on water heating electrical expenses. The amount of electrical energy usually required to heat the water is thus reduced due to the fact that the pumped thermal energy is used to heat the water instead of the electricity directly heating up a geyser element. The electrical energy required to pump ambient thermal energy for heating water is minimal when compared to the amount of energy that is required to directly heat the water via a geyser element.

A domestic heat pump with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4 (efficiency of 400%) will save you 75% on the electricity normally required when implementing a conventional electrical element water heating system.

Heat pumps thermally heat water slightly faster than the equivalent traditional electric geysers, and save the home owner or business a substantial amount of money and drastically reduce global warming. At current energy prices, these systems can pay for themselves in 1-3 years, depending on the application and water usage.

The ITS heat pump is designed to thermally heat water to a maximum temperature of 60°C. The heat pump can produce these temperatures even with ambient temperatures below 0°C (273.15 kelvin).

These heat pump devices require minimal maintenance. All that is necessary is for the evaporator to be kept clean and unblocked by removing leaves or dirt. We do however recommend that the systems are checked annually to ensure maximal efficient continued performance.

An existing water geyser system may be converted to a heat pump water geyser system by means of special loading valves from ITS.